4-in-1 Torch Flashlight Hammer Blade Outdoor Emergency Tool for Car


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Description: 4 in 1 LED Torch Flashlight Hammer Blade Outdoor Emergency Tool for Auto Car Material: ABS Color: Yellow Weight: 160G LED Flashlight: Single bulb Neon Bulb: 9 red-lighted LED Brightness: 3000-5000mcd Operation Voltage: 2.5V Operation Current: 0.3A Size: Approx.19cm (length) x 3cm (head diameter) Powered by: 2 AA batteries (not included) Two Buttons: One for beacon on/off switch, the other for flashlight on/off switch Battery Life: LED only, about 36 hours continuously. Neon bulb only, about 4 hours continuously

Features: 4 Functions: warning red light, emergency lighting, cut safety belt, break up car glass. Warning lights:  9 flashing red light-emitting diodes, 200 meters can be seen. Magnetic Base: put on roof or trunk as beacon when in need. Life Hammer: used to break the window glass when accident happens. Blade: hook embedded blade cut the safety belt when safety belt doesn’t work. Waterproof design (but not for use in water) Low power consumption.

Notes: This product has magnetism, please do not place it with metal things and thongs maybe disturbed by magnet This products should be placed in the auto and used in the auto, in troubles or accidents, please do not carry it with onself. This product could resist water only in daily life, please do not use it in the water. Take batteries out when it is not in use, and re-install them when in need.

Package included: 1x Flashlight Torch Emergency Blade Hammer

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